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PZ Custom Crossword Puzzles

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{ and happy solving } 

E n j o y , dear reader, a challenging freebie from

PZ Custom Crossword Puzzles

{ this one created for Cocktail Buzz }

➽ The theme of this puzzle is Imbibe: what you like to drink,

the tools you use to get your fix,

and the terminology and lore associated with the world of that which we ingest.

➽ { with an occasional random word thrown in to neatly fill up the squares }

➽ Level: Expert



1. Peculiar

4. Chinese cabbage

8. In style

12. River in North Yorkshire

13. Leave out, as a step in a recipe

14. Billions of lives depend on this food staple

15. Cute actor Efron

16. Derby drink

18. Free-shipping steak company

20. Rare occurrence in a food competition

21. Robert Burns’s “— to a Haggis”

22. Fallen soufflés, for example

24. What onions make us do

26. Zester, e.g.

29. Kimchi country

33. Elated

34. Tamarind container

36. This Greene is “Insatiable”

37. Imbibed

39. Salt vis-à-vis water, perhaps

41. Crank up, as a mixer

43. Energy supplier, for short

44. Romaine

47. Regs defining quality standards for French cheese and wine

49. Possible response to “Who is this?”

52. What Cocktail Buzz loves to pair with a cocktail

55. Sticky product of wood distillation

56. Lambs lamentations

57. Once pooh-poohed fat

58. For someone fragile, this can be bruised easily

59. Units of electrical resistance

60. God of war

61. Opium-smokers’ hangout


1. Greek shot

2. Small portion of a drink

3. Like devil’s food cake à la mode

4. Before agriculture, Homo sapiens were these

5. French friend

6. Pub request

7. Where country hams can be aged

8. Premier — (wine grade)

9. City where one can dine on laulau and poke

10. With 27-Down, a summer cooler

11. Porcino mushroom, to a Parisian chef

17. Caribbean chicken rub

19. Gatherer’s cohort

23. Taste

25. Popular fermented dairy product

26. Application

27. See 10-Down

28. Angeles lead-in

30. Chased bunnies

31. Sargasso Sea spawner

32. Anchor Steam makes a Christmas one

35. “What’s up, —?”

38. Rocks alternative

40. Applejack producer

42. French chef’s interjection after adding the final touch

44. — Wabo tequila

45. Moonfish, to a Mauian

46. Hawaiian’s love this canned treat

48. Martinet in the kitchen, or a Russian ruler

50. Strong stuffing herb

51. Liver is rich in this