About Paul

The Facts

Paul Zablocki is an editor and writer from Brooklyn, New York. His clients include Simon & Schuster, Kensington Books, and Kirkus Media. He was a contributing editor and copyeditor for Diner Journal.

More Facts

Paul develops cocktail and food recipes for Cocktail Buzz. Some of his recipes appear in the Gourmet-inspired cookbook The Way We Ate. When not writing about food, cocktails, and grammar (he is a major proponent of the serial comma and embraces the singular they), he daydreams about his favorite place on Earth: da Big Island of Hawai‘i.

Paul is a crossword puzzle constructor and can customize one for you or your business. Visit the HOME page to contact him.

Recent Published Writing

Pencil Wars” and a pencil-themed crossword puzzle in Plumbago (Issue 4), a zine companion to the Erasable podcast

Queer Martini” in The Scofield: Issue 2.2, Conrad Aiken & Consciousness